Tousled by chance or by choice?

I’m firm in the belief of, fuck brushing my hair everyday. 

I like my long hair, I’ve grown to love my grey hair, and I have come to terms with all the knots. Like, a lot of fucking knots. On good work days, My hair separates into sections and can be wrapped into a great bun or knot. Working on the coast, I get sprays of sea salt in my hair on the regular, which mostly works to my advantage, but not always. Leaf debris, bits of lichen and, as of late, California poppy seeds adorn my scalp (from seeding at my farm). It’s gross, but it’s my lot in life.

I’ve been playing with salts for the hair, and recently read all about how you can get a deep cleaning through soaking the hair in epsom salts and water. There’s also a good recipe out there for a epsom salt hair rinse, with your normal conditioner.

I find that I mostly use epsom salts for soaking in a hot tub, but I’ve been loving using them for texturing my hair. Here are some simple recipes with epsom salt, for your hair: 

Gentle Hair Rinse 

  • 1 cup of Balsam + Lavender + Lotus Bath Tea
  • 16 oz of warm water
  • 1 handful of any herbs you can find in your garden, flower petals a plus.

Simply combine the ingredients into a large bowl or toss in a hot bath. Soak your hair, making sure to completely submerge all of your hair. Leave the bits and pieces in your hair, wrap loosely in a towel to rest in your hair for a bit. Rinse clean with warm water, combing the botanicals out. This is a nice, simple hair rinse to get any excess oil, scent or product out of your hair. 

Sea Spray Tresses for Texture 

  • 1 cup of Cacao + Cardamom Bath Tea
  • 1 cup warm – hot distilled water

Simply combine the bath tea and warm water in a spray bottle (any mister will do). It will take about 5 minutes to fully dilute and blend the salts to oil mixture, shake well. Prep your hair by doing your full cleansing routine (shampoo and conditioner) and towel drying well. Once your hair is mostly dry, brush or comb thoroughly, and separate into your natural sections (probably about 4-6 sections towards the top, about 3 lower sections). Twist the sections loosely, while spritzing a generous amount of your homemade sea spray towards the scalp and half way down the sections (try to avoid the tips). Twirl your sections of hair into a mop on top of your hair or on the nape of the neck, depending on the length. Sleep as is, or allow to fully dry before releasing your tresses.

You can get fancy and braid in a few sprigs of fresh rosemary or lavender into your hair for added scent and botanical power!