Setting the space. Being in ceremony.

“I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon. Come, let us take our fill of love until the morning; let us solace ourselves with loves.”

– Proverbs 7:17-18


Imagine the act of doing this.

I can imagine…


I would make my bed with clean, soft linens, plumping the pillows and folding an extra wool blanket on the end half of the bed in case of a cool winter night. After the bed was made, I would fold a corner back to expose the bed sheet and, I suppose from the quote, begin sprinkling some reddish cinnamon powder, myrrh oil and aloe (not sure what application the aloe would come in, but for the sake of the quote, let’s just go with it). The cinnamon would stain the sheets with a lovely hue and a spicy scent would linger above the bed and into the rest of the room on warm nights. My fingers would be stained as well, but no matter, I could just wipe them on the top cover or run my finger through my hair. I suppose the myrrh fragrance would stay lower, mostly releasing it’s intoxicating scent when bodies warmed the linen after some time, mixing with the natural aroma of skin and sweat.

Quite a yummy scene, don’t you think? (Although I might swap out the aloe for cacao powder or oil, and the myrrh for rose petals…) I love this proverb, since it evokes such an thoughtful scene of setting the space. How often do we take time to set the space – for anything?

Those slow moments – slow movements – feel so good. Something like cleaning and setting a table for a meal about to be shared with close friends, or an intimate night with a loved one. Deliberate strokes with a hot, wet rag to clean the table before setting dishes and glassware and food down on top. Feeling the grain of the wood against the cloth of the rag while wiping the table. Feeling the warmth of the rag and the moisture transfer from the cloth to the wood. Feeling any small crumbles or detritus move and get caught on the rag and then off the table. Such small tasks can feel so satisfying, don’t you think?

Lighting a candle. Just lighting a fucking candle feels so wonderful… like opening an invitation for time set for yourself.

This winter I have been spending time with small moments like these, and the simple concept of ceremony. I find that it’s so important for me to slow down and observe small moments and simple acts, everyday. I don’t think I really realized until now, that this is why I started Garden Apothecary – this is why I make the items I make. They are ritualistic self care products made from the things I love most – plants.

So here’s my theme for this year and beyond; Offerings and Ceremony.

I’ll be taking time to write my thoughts and experiences on these two lovely topics and how they intertwine with plants. And for now, my offering is for you to observe right along side of me.


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