Valentine like a boss.

Ahh, Valentines Day…

Wait, don’t click away already! I promise this won’t be too annoying.

Ahh Valentine’s Day… in my opinion, this is the perfect day for self love. Although, I kind of cringe when I hear the phrase, “self love”. My critical self thinks a swarm of judgements around this topic, especially when companies preach that YOU should show self love meaning, buy my shit. But here I am, a business owner writing a blog post about the dreaded self love. What has changed, might you ask? I don’t know… I’m about to turn 34 in early March, and I feel like there is no better time to take really good care of myself then right fucking now. Not everyone has been raised/shown how to take care of yourself in a wholesome way, for most of us, it’s a learned habit.

After listening (for the past year or so) to my girl Amy, I have released a bit of cynicism and have noticed that I have been trying to make time and space for my own self love, as much as possible. This has been evident in simple, little gestures to myself – like right now. Currently I am sitting in a tiny coffee shop in Pescadero, writing. It’s Wednesday, usually the height of my busy time during the week, but I stole a few hours to do some s l o w work and to enjoy the gorgeous drive down the coast. I even stopped along the highway and took a few pictures of the flowering pampas grass in the morning light. Just doing this simple act, is self love to me.

Normally I see something on the side of the highway and think – oh that’s pretty, but fuck it I’m not pulling over.

This time I didn’t fuck it, and I pulled over.

It felt good. Self love, ‘n shit.

Sipping hot rose tea. Cultivating my garden when it doesn’t really need it, just to feel the movement of the soil. Gardening in nice clothes (I LOVE to do this). Walking in dirt barefoot and leaving the dirt on my toes for an inordinate amount of time. Getting a glass of champagne alone at a restaurant. Buying all the books.

These things are for me, by me. And just feel good.

How do you show self love? I wanna hear the deets!