Be stoked for the weeds.

“Roses can grow in slums just as weeds can grow around mansions.”

― Richard Paul Evans, A Step of Faith 

Today’s drive was a regular trek from HMB to Pescadero to San Gregorio. The dogs needed a good, wild run and we quickly found a field that was perfect, complete with blooming mustard and oxalis. As I drive that gorgeous stretch of highway, I couldn’t help but noticed the weeds growing in abundance; long swaths of pure green blades of grass, roughly 6-8″ tall, with a few inches of the top blades folding over back to the soil.

This spring, the weeds are going to grow like fucking crazy.

I can already anticipate the complaints from some of my clients. But hopefully, most will remember that we have been in a severe drought, and that the fresh green growth is a good sign. CA has water this winter! (insert water squirting emoji here)

It’s almost a shame to pull the fresh weeds when they look so lush and healthy. Nothing else is growing rampantly this time of year anyway, so I guess why not leave ’em? Although in between a strong rain, nothing is better to get out a few days later and start plucking young oxalis out of the ground – they release so easy and it’s gratifying to pull them up like a loose tooth. No tooth fairy comes, but the soil looks clean and cultivated.

Even better then a half dollar under your pillow.

(After the weeds, try our scrubs – they work wonders on your nail beds and soothe tired hands.)