HTK – Lavender to soothe you into a slower season.

Woohoo for Fall!

Did you know that when the season’s change, our immune systems can take a hit? Something as simple as Summer turning into Fall can trigger an aggravated immune system and leave you open to a cold, flu and even arthritis. Nuts, right!?

Fall doesn’t just mean #scarfweather and coffee mug pics on Insta.

Fall means taking stock of the year you have had, feeling grateful for all of the abundance in your life and beginning to slow down a bit in your busy schedule. To me, this means wrapping up the rest of my gardening work for the year and tucking plants in to bed for the Winter. I also find that I need to start to book less “things” in my schedule – less work, less to-do’s and even less weekend outings. I find that adjusting to what ever season I am in, helps my immune system and my state of mind – and for me this Fall, that means s l o w i n g down.

To help move you into this quieter time of year, why not try our Lavender Herbal Tea Kit – simply drink 4-8 ounces of warm Lavender tea each evening around 7pm, after dinner. Try to cut out a bit of coffee, especially after 2pm, and late night sweets and snacking. Then see how you feel after a week or two of drinking this relaxing tea…

Soothing effects of Lavender includes:

– calming the nervous system with a light sedative effect

– eases pain

– promotes overall relaxation, mental clarity, hydration

– can aid in more restful sleep

– as a hair rinse, promotes hair growth

– trans-dermally in a bath, lavender promotes circulation and the other above benefits

Plus! The HTK includes a vial of over 200 organic seeds to start your own tea garden for the Spring. Design a plot in your garden (or even in containers on a balcony or front porch) for the Echinacea, Lavender, Chamomile, Basil and Mint. 

Have you ever grown Lavender for yourself?

Have any questions about Lavender?

Feel free to post your stories or questions in the comments section. Sometimes Lavender can get woody, dead in sections or have a hard time establishing. Feel free to post your questions (and add a pic if you can), and I can help identify the problem for you. Once it gets started, Lavender is so easy to grow – we should all enjoy it in the garden!

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