HTK – Rose + Hibiscus for end of Summer, early Fall

The early days of September are always a gorgeous time of year in my town. The pumpkins start dotting the fields, turning from green to bright orange. The trees start to lose some of their leaves, with new, late-season growth from native wildflowers, like pincushions and poppies. And best of all the weather warms up for the “Indian Summer”, just in time for our local Pumpkin Festival in October. In the evenings, the ocean waves start to swell and the beach is even more lovely then it was in the summer (mostly, because tourists are gone!).

I feel like the change of seasons is always an enchanted time – minus the inevitable cold or flu that goes around the community. Did you know at each change of season, our immune systems can be compromised?

Change of weather, stress (this includes “good stress”) and simply doing-too-much all can contribute to a trampled immune system. Your mind might feel like it’s still summer, but your body is trying to process the coming winter and settle into a more mellow and restful state of being. Right before you head into a new season (like, now!) try to be mindful of what the new season has to offer and say goodbye to the previous season’s bounty. For example, when tomatoes are out of season – don’t eat them much. Move on to root crops and earthy herbs and teas. You will feel your body strengthen with each subtle progression – even something as simple as incorporating herbal teas into your everyday diet.

Garden Apothecary and The Mason Bar Company have teamed up to bring you our collection of Herbal Tea Kits. The one I recommend for this time of the year is our Rose + Hibiscus blend – a fruity, flavorful tea that is packed full of vitamin c, naturally helping support your immune system in a gentle way. You can drink this tea hot or cold – and take it to-go in the lovely tumbler.

After you settle in with your brew, be sure to find the vial of organic seeds to sow your own herbal tea garden. Now is the perfect time to sow perennial seeds, giving them a good footing to get through a mild or moderate winter, and bloom profusely in the spring. By this time next year, you’ll have your very own established organic herbs to harvest for teas, year-round!

What are some Fall-seasonal things you like to eat or drink?


Pumpkin ice cream with a big mug of hot lavender tea! Mmm…

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