Cacao Cognition.

If you have ever clicked onto my website or seen anything I have written, you already know by now how Cacao-crazy I am. Here is a little more proof of it’s amazing benefits, from the American Botanical Council:


“The consumption of flavanol-rich foods has been associated with improved learning, memory, and overall cognitive performance. In particular, cocoa (Theobroma cacao, Malvaceae) and cocoa-containing products, which contain various forms of beneficial flavonoids, have been studied by researchers seeking to understand the cognitive-enhancing potential of high-flavanol cocoa. The goal of this randomized, controlled, double-blind, clinical trial was to assess both the acute and subchronic effects of cocoa supplementation on mood and mental fatigue, cognitive performance, and cardiovascular function in young, healthy adults.”

Here’s the full link – interesting article.

(Pics by Jennifer Lee Segale, in Belize)

Belize cacao cacao theobroma chocolate Jenn in the Jungle

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