The key to relaxation…

I loved attending the Goat Hill Fair this Spring!

Among the unique collection of gorgeous vintage items I found – I have to say my favorite purchase were the 40 rusty, old skeleton keys. Honestly, I grabbed and bought them on a whim (my favorite and unapologetic way to shop) without a planned way of displaying or reselling them. But on the drive home a flood of dozens and dozens of ideas for the use of the keys came to my mind. I realized I could hang them as a garland with dried lavender stems, across the ceiling of my shop – giving it an unexpected whimsy when you first enter. Another thought was to fill mason jars with fresh, wildflowers (Mustard, Oxalis, Scented Geranium foliage and Lupine), and then tie two keys on the lip of the jar with twine. But my favorite idea was to use the keys as an addition to the single-use Rose Leaf Bath Tea packages I make. I always try to inspire and remind people to use plants in a way that relaxes and promotes health – the simple addition of the skeleton key makes a great talking point and lovely gesture. People feel safe and have deep nostalgia with antiques – pairing them with my organic bath products was an easy choice. The key to relaxation – Rose Leaf Bath Tea…


How do you use antiques in your life or business? Do you scavenge and treasure hunt? Or are you methodical and a planner?


Here are some more pics of what I found… what’s not shown, is the awesome home-made pie they serve by the slice. It’s worth going for the pie alone!


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