Your garden + water – a must read!

With my years and years spent working in agriculture, horticulture and botany, and obsessively reading about the CA “drought” – this is one of the best articles from an industry insider that I have read so far.


Here’s a small blurb:

“I was shocked to discover that residential water use is a mere 5%-8% of total water use in California and roughly half of that is going to watering lawns. 75%-80% of our water goes to agribusiness and another 15% goes to industry. Fracking in California currently uses 2 million gallons of water a day. A month later I was chatting with a visitor to our nursery who works for the Sacramento Water District. He scoffed at the media reports and confided in me, “Annie, if every domestic household in California stopped using water completely it would barely make a difference at all.” I tried to convince him to share his insider info with us by giving a talk at the nursery but he just laughed, “Public speaking gives me the willies” and was off with his carload of plants.” Annie, from Annie’s Annuals, Richmond, CA

Please read the whole article and share with the folks you know. Here ya go.

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