Off with their heads!

Well – not with all flowers.

I could spend my entire day dead-heading plants. I love the sound the clippers make when I snip through a rose stem. Or when a big, floppy browning Brugmansia flower falls to the ground in a flurry of my pruning. Podcast in my ears, Felcos in my hand – don’t get in my way when I am dead-heading. My favorite is bundling up an entire bloomed-out Lavender ‘Grosso’, like a ponytail, and then dead-heading the whole plant in one big cutting. Dead-heading just feels good!

Alas, some plants really should be left as is for their beauty within the next phase of the flower’s life. Stipa (Mexican Feather Grass), for example, should be left alone… maybe combed clean if anything, but never pruned. And Poppies – leave the Poppies! The petals are huge and showy and colorful, but fleeting. The real jewel in this flower’s crown is the enormous pod that, once dried, will give you a ton of seed. I always resist the urge to clip Poppy heads.

What do you leave for seed in your garden?

Is this dead-heading compulsion just me – or do you geek out over it, too?

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