Driftwood Fence

Believe it or not, I don’t have much garden space. My landlords seemingly LOVE concrete – and it’s everywhere! When I was first leasing the house about 5 years ago, they were about to add concrete to the front yard, “So there’s less weeds.” I pleaded with them to stop concreting everything, and assured them I would landscape it nicely. When it came to doing something with my driveway (driveway – it’s a huge area that is connected to the concrete in the backyard, basically a swath of concrete!), I knew container gardening would be my only option. Albeit beautiful – I am always looking for more space, to define the area with my garden aesthetic, and to grow, grow, grow!

A couple Winter’s ago, a local State beach had an excess of driftwood – so Matt and I spent weekend after weekend loading up the 30 lb. limit per person that you can legally take form the beach. We put our ear-buds in, split up and combed the beach looking for driftwood that was the right size and look for the project. What project, you ask? We didn’t know… but we knew we needed more driftwood in the garden. And free is always nice.

After a few piles of the driftwood built up around the house, I finally figured we needed to put it to good use, instead of just hoarding it. After some creativity and about $24. in livestock panel fencing, we ended up building this simple fence to keep the dogs out of the front garden. Drilling the driftwood on each end and tying it to the fence with copper wire, the fence was built in a weekend… give or take some tweaks here and there. I secured it with 4, 24″ planter boxes (two on each end), so it’s practically free standing, but steady. Now it snugly keeps the dogs in the back, adds interest to the front and looks lovely when the passion vine is in bloom. I even got to use the Mayan carving I brought back from Belize.

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