Evening Aphrodisiacs

Personally, I hold the belief that plants give us just about everything. Clean air, environments, housing, food, medicine, art, design, etc. Our most basic and complex needs are met by working with and cultivating plants. We gain health from eating vegetables. We cure ailments and disease by consuming herbs and roots. We craft beauty by working with and giving flowers. We even become relaxed, balanced and in better moods when growing (or even just walking in) a well-tended garden.

This Valentine’s Day, try looking to plants for one more of our most basic and important need. Think of it as… ahem… assisted pleasure. Try using these gorgeous and growing creatures as your own personal love concierge. A dozen red roses just won’t do this year…

Want to feel healthy and stay active? We can help with that.

Want to detox and release? No prob.

Want to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind? Ok.

Want to excite and inspire? Here you go.




Aphrodisiacs have been used throughout history, in every culture, for sexual enhancement and pleasure. Take the Mayans for instance, who use Chile peppers Capsicum annuum in their various shapes and sizes for increased body heat and desire. Or the sacred Cacao theobroma – Food of the Gods – for everything from offerings, to intoxicating yourself and your lover, for days-on-end love making. It is told that the Emperor Moctezuma drank fifty golden goblets of chocolate a day to enhance his libido and assure the continuance of his “line”. A complex food source, Cacao and chocolate contains theobromine, a compound very similar to caffeine, which explains the energy boost it provides, as well as phenylethylamine and seratonin, mood-lifting agents.

Find inspiration from the French, from Spain, from the Greeks – who all use/d Passion Fruit, Avocado, Allspice, Spanish Fly, Watermelon for increased arousal, stamina and sedation. Some botanicals are used as Aphrodisiacs merely for their generous and alluring scent, such as Rose, Violets and Peonies.



It is said that drinking Rose tea and bathing in Rose water or petals will fill you up with abundant passion and vigor. And if not – well, you have a lovely scent and taste to indulge in – possibly stirring some self-love potential.



Vanilla planifolia The heady aroma of vanilla is said to increase desire, and whether or not this is true, its lovely scent is definitely a mood enhancer. Mexico’s Totonac people tell a folk tale in which Xanat, the youngest daughter of a fertility goddess, fell in love with a Totonac youth. Since she was a goddess and he a human, they were unable to marry –  to express her eternal love, she transformed herself into the first vanilla plant, whose aroma would always provide him with pleasure. Gorgeous scent and intoxicating flavor aside, the story itself inspires romance.

Oh. And don’t forget to set the mood.



So – if you are looking for your own God or Goddess of love, or finding it within yourself, remember to indulge this Valentine’s Day in green and growing aphrodisiacs.

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