Into it.

Oh. Yes. Please.

Freshly cultivated soil is like lying naked on a bearskin rug next to a fire. It’s so fucking good – satisfying.

These succulents are just some of the gorgeous clumps growing in a client’s garden. They are in the front yard, so it’s a spot that we always keep fresh and tidy. I take the hand cultivator, sink it in the soil and drag it back and forth depending on my mood. The soil churns and separates, then comes back together. I top dress with a compost – grabbing grapefruit-sized clumps and rubbing it back and forth in my hands so it breaks up and scatters on the ground. You can see the layers of reddish-brown flakes of compost, manure and then the dark brown earth underfoot.

Have I mentioned? I like gardening.

I love running my fingers around the undulating edge of a Echeveria cluster to whisk away any loose dead leaves. The clean blue sides grow that much faster when you keep the dead leaves off of them. Sometimes I wear leather gardening gloves, the loose fit allows me to barely touch the plant, the leather catching the brown papery leaves and pulling them easily away. Other times I just use my fingers to quickly wipe clean. The Dudleya always stays white, and I finally adjusted the water (much lower) and now they are super full and growing quickly.

What are your favorite tactile experiences in the garden?

Dig the dirt? Let’s talk.


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