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I absolutely adore good food, adventurous places, great style and fascinating people. Conveniently, the lifestyle blog embodies all of that – created and written by the lovely Jenny Graham. Peruse our chat below for more on Jenny and her crush-worthy lifestyle.


(Also, our shared destination is Caye Caulker, a tiny island in Belize. PS – Jenny, I’m headed back in January – come meet me!)



1)  Before we get down to business – what are you wearing right now?


I’m at home in Brooklyn, cozy on my couch, barefoot in a pair of rag & bone skinny jeans and a Zimmermann tank. And, I’ve got on the piece of jewelry I never take off – a delicate gold ring by Satomi Kawakita.



2)  Tell us about your beautiful blog, Jenny by design.


Thank you…the blog is a diary of all things full of delight. A place where conversations with creative influencers are shared as well as ideas and inspiration from the worlds of fashion, food, décor and travel. It’s been a continuous growth of happiness and creativity.



3)  What about the fashion and design industry attracts you the most?


The idea of reinvention. To express yourself, without boundaries.


4)  What are your top 3 must-have beauty products or regiments?


I wash my face every night before bed, no matter the hour, and tend to use a Kiehl’s product or just water with a bit of pure coconut oil. If I had to choose one cosmetic item, it’d be mascara. A make-up artist (I traveled with for work last year) recommended Lancome’s Hypnose Drama in Excessive Black – I’m a devotee. My third recommendation is yoga. It’s absolutely the best beauty treatment I have ever tried.


5)  You are an incredible traveler, what are your must-haves when you travel? For me, I always pick a piece of mint or lavender from my garden right before I leave and keep it in my pocket until I’ve landed in my destination country… it might be trending on ritualistic, but it keeps me close to my garden when I feel a million miles away.


I do have one long-standing superstition before take-off: texting or calling each of my three brothers. I am on a plane about once a month for work, so I am believer in staying calm, being kind, going with the flow. I travel with only one carry-on (Tumi tegra-lite is fantastic), a warm scarf and a good book. If I’m on a road trip, a new play list and a surfboard are included.




6)  Do you have a favorite flower or plant? If so, explain why brings you back to that plant when you see it. 


Wild flowers. They remind me of my Mom and picking them together way back when. I’ve never been a girl with a “favorite flower” but I do appreciate all wild flowers.



7)  Infuriatingly impossible question – but, where is your most cherished place you have traveled to and why? What is a close runner-up?


Coastal California is forever in my heart as is a lifelong family gathering spot: Pawleys Island, South Carolina. I’ve made a habit of visiting (at least) one new country each year, and two Novembers ago I was in Santorini, Greece with my best friends. It was one of those magical trips, where the locals become your best pals and the stars align. Also, Paris will never go out of style.


8)  The color women look best dressed in is?


Wear the color you feel most drawn to, depending on your mood.  And, when in doubt, a red lip works wonders as an accessory and for immediate glamour.


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*Images by Mike Ajello and Jenny by Design team

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