Pallet Veggie Container – DIY

The past year, I’ve been inundated with wooden pallets. The (awesome) compost company I get my shit from brings a couple of pallets each delivery (Point Reyes Compost Co). Then the bottles I get delivered come on even more, each month. Normally I give them to other companies to use or recycle them – but the other weekend Matt and I played around with turning one into a veggie container.

We moved some boards around and secured chicken wire on the bottoms of each shelf. I had some cool strips of wood from an old wine barrel, so we attached those for a neat red, worn look towards the bottom.

Once filled with PR’s Mary Jane’s Blend Potting Soil – it was perfect! I’m growing some lettuce, beets, Holy Basil, Kale and Arugula. It’s a small growing space so I need to be careful about watering, but the plants are super happy. It’s also really easy to harvest from… it sits by a gate I use multiple times a day, being super easy to just pluck a few leaves as I pass.

Greens on the go!

Try it for yourself!

You’ll need:

1 – wooden pallet (not pressure treated)

3 – 3.5′ x 6-8″ strip of chicken or aviary wire.

Staple gun. A few nails and a hammer.

1 – bag of Mary Jane’s Blend Potting Soil.

About 24, 4″ or 6-pack veggies.

**Feel free to add any little additions – like cool pieces of driftwood or strips of bark to create a layered wood effect.

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