A late Spring garden in the dead of Winter.

I spent the weekend mostly at the beach then writing then eating ollalieberry pie and finally pruning the roses in my garden. I saved the best for last, as I do every year. I make myself muck out the weeds, pull out any plants that need transplanting or ones that just need to be tossed – then and only then, I allow myself to prune the roses. I’m not really a “delayed gratification” kinda girl – but for some reason, I love slowing down and indulging in clipping away at my old, gnarled Benjamin Brittens.

Oh how I love this rose variety!

I normally enjoy how the garden looks all clipped back… that is, until I saw a picture of my garden in May of last year. Rob came over to snap some shots for me in the garden, and when I stumbled upon them on my computer I was amazed at the difference!

The Cerinthe is still going strong, as it always does any time of the year. And the Senecio is pretty mellow… looking good with brilliant ice blue fingers that pop up from nowhere. I pulled out some of the wood stepping stones and rearranged them (basically in the same spots) and lined the edges with driftwood Matt and I found at the beach. I’m sure by the end of the season those will be rearranged, too. 

Compulsion fueled by neurosis = great gardening.

(Pic (well, the good pic) by Icebox Images)

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