Just babies…

It’s been a long few weeks months of juggling this, this and this. I’m pooped tonight, but inspired:

Last month, when I got back from Belize, I took my first trip back to HMB Nursery and reveled in the abundant stock of color and cheery holiday decor. The evergreen garland was a brilliant green, hanging low and generous from the rafters. Bright, white Cyclamen were in perfect rows on table after table. Even the moss on the ground was extra perky and plentiful, eagerly filling up space on the pathway no one walked. All was at full attention – seemingly saying, “Bring it on Christmas! Bring it on.”

I rushed around each table in the “color room”; a lofty space with about 8 long, weathered wooden tables, perfectly packed with 4″ annuals. The poppies caught my eye right away as they usually do. So innocently cheerful – always in good spirits. I picked one up, set it aside from the rest of the cart of plants, mentally figuring out which small container to plant it into once I was home.

After filling my cart with an array of rhodies, hydrangea, cyclamen and extra large pine cones to top dress a container with, I paid and went to load my truck. I looked down at the cart – at the plants with new, fresh, young growth and I couldn’t help but think, “You are all just babies!”

Just a few days before I was hiking through mountainous terrain with dense trees, shrubs and ground cover. Broken limbs laid where they had fallen years before and the bark still dense with the growth of air plants and orchids. 

Vines as thick as my arm!

Topsoil so fluffy and rich, that you could feel the earth give a bit under each and every step. Plants were just bigger and more impressive. It was easy to stop and stare in complete and pure awe at the old growth Mahogany trees towering over us. Even the flowering annuals in Belize were just a little more wild.

It’s nice to be home and getting ready for the holidays. Fussing around in my garden, planting my baby poppies in pots around my front door. I move the soil with my finger tips, gently place the poppy in it’s bed and think, “Just so you know little poppy – I met your Great, Great Grandpa!”

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