Is your garden Holiday-Ready?

Ho, ho, ho… er something.

Holy baby Zeus this month is busy! Between regular work, the farmers markets on Saturdays and holiday parties with family and friends – who has time for their garden? I find myself walking by my front yard quicker and quicker each day.

The Cerinthe needs thinning, the weeds are taking over and the Gunnera is just not happy with the cold. I just stand there and look, completely unmotivated to work in the cold, windy weather. Of course, one weekend it will bother me enough- and I will do the work. Until then, here’s my list of to-do’s:

– Add some color!

The dull Winter growing season is upon us… time to vamp up small empty pockets in the garden and your pots, with color!

– Harvest the Seeds from the Pumpkins!

I hate to just compost the lovely pumpkins I bought in September… so I’m going to cut them in half and scoop out the seeds to dry and label for next year.

– Keep the Chickens OUT!

My damn chickens keep getting out…. need to fix the fence and re-hab my poor little plants!

– (on that note) Keep the Dogs OUT!

Still figuring out how to manage the dogs digging, pooping, rolling, eating the plants! Oy.

– Winterize the Pond.

Hmm. Anyone know how to make sure your pond is happy in the Winter?

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