Took a drive.

I set out for a drive around 9am Tuesday morning, a little past mid-way on my recent trip to Belize. I went out searching for Aurora again, since the day before and proven to be so fruitful and interesting.

I’ll make sure to tell you about Aurora later.

The drive was up a gorgeous red dirt road that, over time, leads you to the Cockcomb Jaguar Sanctuary in Maya Center, Belize. Matt and I had been to Cockcomb the last time, in January and had a fantastically exhausting hike up a hill. Or up, maybe, 12 hills. Cockscomb is lush with wildlife, plant life and the occasional jaguar late at night. But this road trip for me was just for the road, I had no intention of doing anything other than observing and asking questions that day. Sometimes when you see a cool road, you just have to drive it.

There’s something about traveling by yourself, albeit only a day or so, that makes you feel like you need home a tiny bit more. Even for just a moment – at least for me. I slowly made my way, miles up this road with no one in site, with just my giant rental car with me (the 3rd car in 2 weeks, don’t rent from Thrifty in Belize City. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to have your car break down in the jungle.) and an audiobook playing in the background. Podcasts and audiobooks ground me whenever I need it and today’s play of This American Life “24 Hours at the Golden Apple” was particularly nice to hear. It was a documentation of 24 hours at a Chicago diner, telling tale after tale of the people who spend their time there; couples working out their problems, a waitress who doesn’t want to talk much, friends who are desperate for male attention and the average Joe just coming in for a cup of coffee (4-5 times a day). I drove the red road alone, but with at least a dozen or so Americans coming out of the speakers. It was funny to hear the busy clinking noises in the background and endless chatter, when out the car window was nothing but dense jungle growth. Now and then a loud bird call or Howler monkey scream would interrupt the podcast and make me grab my camera. Now and then an even louder hissing sound some where in the distance would make me roll my window up and drive a little faster.


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