I’ve had a dandy Saturday so far.

It has consisted of getting up early to walk around the cemetery  for about an hour (there’s an old-ass cemetery right by my house that you can walk around… decent little work out if you keep going and keep up a good pace up the hill. The first thing I thought about this morning was exercise, since before falling asleep last night, I ate half a bag of sea-salt caramel popcorn, two chocolate truffles and a slice of olallieberry pie with vanilla ice cream on top. I disgust myself just typing this…).

I got home and immediately started gardening. I love that early morning energy you get on days that you don’t have shit to do. Answer the phone and respond to emails? Nope. Be on time to some appointment? Nope. Get dressed enough to look respectable around town? Nope. I swear it’s the only time you get real energy, when you don’t have to do anything.

After an hour or so of supermarket sweep dead-heading, weeding, watering, and checking my terra cotta pots for snails (that promptly got fed to the chickens), I brushed a few off a small, broken terra cotta pot and planted a 4″ violet in it. The crack in the pot got a bit longer as I was shoving the little guy in there, but I was too lazy to search for a more stable container. I sprinkle some compost on top, watered it in and put it in a spot I’d notice – when it inevitably breaks apart in the future.  Lazy gardening at its finest! Once my big morning gardening project was complete and my first-thing-in-the-morning-energy faded into laziness, I got back into pajamas and surfed the web on the couch.


Wanna see what I found?


I love how simple and functional these are.

Gorgeous house but I don’t think I’d like to live there. How would you landscape or have a garden? It’s too much… too pristine. Any thoughts?

Do you LOVE cactus? No really… do you love them?

Now this is my kind of jewelry!

I love bugs. Period.

Oh. Was that not clear? I LOVE BUGS!

What kind of vine do think would look best on this house? Ivy? A cool rose?


What are you up to today?

little violet ready for planting
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