Spending time in the garden for Earth Day

Finally, a foggy morning here in Half Moon Bay. Well, I guess it’s not uncommon but we’ve had a week of really hot (to me really hot is 70 degrees) weather and the fog is a nice reprieve to wake up to. I got up early this morning and slowly traipsed through my little garden, mostly just standing there checking out everything that is in bloom. My neighbors probably think I’m constantly hung-over or high,  since most mornings I’ll come out in a daze – hair unbrushed, pajamas half on, just standing there looking at the garden – like a zombie.

The past 6 months I’ve been frantically planting in my front garden, and you can tell. It’s beautiful, but completely schizophrenic. I planted California poppies when they were just coming out in the nursery, more roses when it was bare-root time, a bunch of iris and lily bulbs from the SF garden show and a menagerie of salvias, boronia, cerinthe and euphorbia left over from jobs. I’ve desperately layered organic fertilizers and compost, as to avoid the terrible growing season like we had last year. My efforts paid off, but I don’t have an inch left to plant in for the summer. Everything is full, lush and blooming – or about to bloom, with hundreds of tiny buds on the tips of each healthy plant. The California poppies are all in full flower, with an array of bright yellow cups on top of every single thin stem. The orange shrubs are in flower, too… the sweet fragrance it slight, since the other plants are so crowded around them.  And I have one, lone black iris taking it’s sweet time to open up.But when it does, he’ll match the line of stout black pansies that have lined my pathway.

What are you up to on this lovely Earth Day? What is blooming riot in your garden?

(Pics by Icebox Images)

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