Another Rainy Day

I woke up this morning anticipating rain since the forecast for the whole rest of the week calls for a down pour. Out my bedroom window the sky was overcast and there was a typical puddly wet sidewalk, but no real rain. I lumbered down the stairs half awake, turned up the heater and gave each dog a pet hello on top of the head. Sprout barely waited for the pet, opting rather to turn back to her bed of blankets and cozy up.

The kitchen was freezing cold as usual, and just as I was debating on hurrying out to do a bit of gardening before the rain came – the rain came. I tossed my felcos and gloves back on the table and lit the stove for some tea, no pajama gardening for me this morning. Whoosh went the flame under my copper tea kettle, quickly boiling my tea water.

I love rainy mornings like this – it gives me a chance to just watch the garden, rather than work in it. Sometimes you don’t even have time to notice what you’ve done, when you are constantly doing.

Bobbi Bankston from { Poppy & Pearl } gave me one of her gorgeously simple mason jar tumblers to try… and this morning was perfect for a huge jar of hot green tea! The tea was from Red Blossom in SF, procured from a trip Matt and I took to China Town the other weekend. We stopped in and had a fascinating lesson on tea leaves, and a tasting (of about 7 types) to go with it. We vibrated out of there with a big bag of different types of green, oolong and flowering tea (I didn’t get any sleep that night!).

Bobbi was kind enough to answer some questions for me the other week… here’s our mini interview:

1. When is your favorite time to use your tumblers?

I’d have to say camping in the mountains with friends at a little place called Kennedy Meadows. My friends and I have been spending summer vacations there since we were young and now we go with our husbands and kids… it’s so special! Every year my boys and I hike up to “the meadow” for a picnic… Aspens and snow capped mountains make for a picture perfect setting. 

2. They seems perfect for using at a picnic… any yummy drink recipes you suggest using in your tumblers?

            Sangria- my all time favorite drink. The thing I love about Sangria is that you can’t mess it up! 

          1 bottle chilled cabernet
         2 cups club soda
         1/4+  Brandy
         2 sliced limes 
        2 sliced oranges
        a few handfuls of mixed berries- whatever your preference.
        sip and enjoy!
3. What is your favorite plant to grow and why?


My tomato plants because they always look like they are on steroids! I love it! My three boys love picking them and it’s always rewarding to share the extras with neighbors and friends. 


Need a tumbler of your own?

Bobbi is generously offering a { giveaway } to you fine readers… the first { 2 people } to add your favorite drink & the recipe to the comment section – wins!

Have a lovely rainy day! xo xo Jenn


PICS by Rob Co.

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