Celebrate with Sunset {and book giveaway!}

a breakfast to celebrate the new Sunset Garden book

Last week was a whirlwind of fabulous garden-y events! The one that topped the list was a brunch for me and a small gaggle of other garden writers, hosted by the Sunset garden editors, at the Sunset HQ, in Menlo Park. Thank you to Kitty Morgan, Kathy Brenzel, Julie Chai and Johanna Silver for hosting all of us garden dorks and providing us with a lovely tour of the grounds.

sitting down with garden writers and the editors of Sunset

Brunch was a mix of Swiss chard and sausage frittata, golden potatoes, strawberry salad and an { amazing } chocolate-zucchini rum cake! This is how I will consume my zucchinis from now on! It was a perfect start to the tour… chatting with other garden bloggers, sipping a lovely herb tea and berry agua fresca and eating yummy food!

chocolate-zucchini cake { yum }

Among some of the { many } inspiring things to view at Sunset gardens, is the chicken coop and compost area… the outdoor kitchen garden is beautiful, too. Complete with a huge fire-pit, edible landscaping and gorgeous espalier fig trees! The recycled glass counter top (below) was handsome and expansive, and I could imagine entertaining 100 people or more, with room for all the accoutrements!

recycled glass counter in outdoor kitchen… Gen passing by from North Coast Gardening


perfectly blooming tulips… scattered in pots all around the gardens

Blooming tulips peppered the grounds… I was so jealous, seeing each pot perfectly planted, as mine are usually dig up by some critter! (Or I forget to fridge them… or I plant them late… or I store them in a bucket some where and forget about them… or…)

little hen…


Matt enjoying the fountain garden… with gorgeous upright rosemary!

The gardens were lovely to stroll, but I really loved seeing all the magazine covers displayed in offices. The front hall way has a beautiful display of the vintage magazine covers as well… enlarged and framed, showing each of their own unique colors and themes for that particular month. This was a real treat to see… some of the images I have never even seen before!

lovely back garden… drought tolerant perennials under oak trees.

how much do you love the orange circular trellis?


Matt chatting with the Garden Wise Guy

newly planted viola from All-America Selections: ‘Skippy XL Plum-Gold’ F1

Sunset has so much to celebrate this year!

Not only is their new Garden Book published (as well as a gorgeous cook book – Edible Garden Cookbook), but they are releasing a new line of exclusive Sunset Western Garden Collection plants! These plants will be available in May 2012, at your local garden center. I can’t wait to purchase some myself to pepper throughout my garden…

I spent the weekend thumbing through the new book and found that the sections I loved the most were the “Demystifying Plant Names” and “Pronunciation Guide”. How many times have you pronounced a plant name – then was corrected by someone – and felt like a total dork? This will cure your plant-name-dork-disease!

Sunset was generous enough to provide a giveaway to you fine

viewers… the first 5 readers who email me their mailing

addresses will win a brand new Sunset Garden Book!

Good luck and happy reading!


{ Wow! That was fast! We have the winners: Roya, Janis, Rob, Darlene, Jennifer! }

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