bad chicken mama

I have to admit, lately I have not been the best chicken mama.

Last night, I forgot to move the chickens from their outside garden pen, to their chicken Chateau. It wasn’t until about 10pm, and after The Real Housewives was over, that I heard obsessive squawking. “Shit!”, I shouted. I jumped off the couch, through the crowd of dogs (my boyfriend’s dog is here basically every night… and now it makes 3 dogs in my house. 3 dogs!), out to the garden. I whipped open the door, figuring they would come rushing out right away. Instead, two were fast asleep in their little laying boxes, and only one was awake telling me to put them to bed.  Mama chick (AKA Princess Sparkle, AKA Henny Penny, AKA Fat Ass) was in one box, and the other two were jammed in the second box. They looked so sweet and cozy and I felt bad for having to wake them. I picked the two up and it was like picking up a sleeping child – completely lifeless and unaffected by the move. I gently plopped them down in their Chateau, and they crawled up onto the roosting pole and feel back to sleep.

Tomorrow, I’m going to cook them their favorite meal: pasta with cut up pineapple and arugula. It may seem high-maintenance, but the eggs are worth it!

**Pic taken by Rob Co

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