The past couple months I’ve fallen off the garden blog-o-sphere… mostly due to botanical immersion in Belize!

But don’t worry… I’ve written all about my trip in a new eBook coming out very soon. The book is about cave exploration, botany in Central America, cacao, jungle remedies, and the ridiculous fun that comes with traveling (and drinking lots of rum punch!).

Here’s a taste:

Botanically Belize

“Huh? You’re huh? Please!? Where the hell is Please?”.

I reminded my father that I was going to Belize, not “Please” – mostly since “Please” was a word, not a country. I also made sure to note that even though I have not seen the movie “Hostel”, I’ll be sure to check for all my limbs and organs and won’t befriend anyone, ever – just to be safe. I also filled him in on the small fact that Belize was located in Central America. Not South America. Not Mexico. And it wasn’t “the Congo”. And the Napa Valley is for retired old farts, not for a 29 year old who needs a little adventure.

However, my father’s last concern actually made me stop and think.

“Jenn, you can’t bullshit a bullshitter. I know you’ve been digging in the dirt since you were a little girl, but it’s been with marigolds and roses, not in no jungle. You won’t last one day! This whole “Dirty Girl” thing is cute – but your daddy knows the truth! You’re just not that dirty”.

I hung up the phone. “Damn it. He’s right!”.



Stay tuned for the link to the whole book!

butterfly from the butterfly farm in San Ignacio, Belize
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