Chateau Bawk Bawk

I designed a vertical garden for a client’s freshly built and devastatingly boring fence in HMB a couple weeks ago. It went from a mundane expansion of fence – to a blanket of lush textures and colors, planted in a way that makes it look like the fence is dripping with foliage and flowers (or, at least that’s how it will look in another couple months as it fills in!). In the process, I notice the contractor on site tossing out old sections of the fence, so I promptly dug them out of the trash and into the back of my pickup.

Hours later (with the help of Dustin, who can build anything out of anything!), they turned into a new coop for my babies.

Presenting: Chateau Bawk Bawk


front view of the new coop

hooks hold the romantic lights, burlap with plastic keep the rain out

a sand-blasted manzanita branch

wood from my fence, a client’s fence, and driftwood from a trip to Port Townsend

happy bawk bawks, checking out my stock of plants
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