falling into the season

I can’t believe Fall is almost here. It truly is the most perfect time of year for us Coastsiders… the waves have been gorgeous, the weather is turning from frigid to warm, and plants in my garden are finally starting to perk up and blossom. I’ve had growth and flowers all year, but it seemed like there was never that initial big swell of growth. You know, when you can almost see your plants expanding before your eyes. One week you walk by and everything looks nice, then the next you walk by and everything is completely out of control… lush, co-mingling and gorgeous. I feel like I haven’t really seem that much this year.

The seasonal change really hit me around friday of this past week. I dragged my plague infected self out of bed (sick w/ strep/cold/gnarly stomach flu for 2 weeks!) and slowly drove to HMB Nursery – top 5 places on Earth that leaves me completely happy. I gingerly pushed the cart down aisles of 4″ perennials, careful not to over do it. And by “over do it” I mean, not to barf or spend too much money. After filling up the cart, I headed up toward the register and saw the bulb boxes. For the 11th time (11 years of STILL finding myself surprised) I said, “Bulbs already!”. It is the one thing each year that reminds me another year has come and gone, and I am ever closer to that compost heap in the sky. Seriously, it freaks me out to see how bulbs are coming into nurseries earlier and earlier. I’m still picking my dahlias and now I need to think about tulips? It seems ungodly or something…


Maybe I’m just being too dramatic. What do you think about the fall/winter almost upon us? Are you finding bulbs anywhere?!

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