Succulent Gardens

I visited Robin’s nursery about 2 weeks ago… soon after found out I had strep throat. Strep is not conducive to creative posting, so I held off. Albeit a bit late, here are some pics and info from my adventure:

We left early for Succulent Gardens, located in Moss Landing… a sleepy little coast town that has always held my attention. Anything that involves the ocean, nurseries, and fish tacos – holds my attention. If you have never been to SG, you should – like – right now. Imagine greenhouses of perfectly fabulous little succulent ninjas – all ready to be bought and to kick-ass in your garden! I went there to pick out plants for a client and a personal project. It’s my 9th year of shopping there, but each time I go it’s like a kid in a candy store, writing a really big check!

The drive down is lovely, especially accompanied by your sweetie and your favorite podcast. You can’t beat driving down the HYW 1 coast line, with Swanton Berry Farm on your left, ocean on your right, and a smattering of other local farms stands along the way. You also pass the Moss Landing slough which really is beautiful. I wasn’t feeling up to hike about, but it’s on my to-do list for next time.

Succulents always seem so abundant to me… the tiniest cutting can create such a gorgeous mass of growth. Above is a picture of echeverias drying out a bit before propagation…ready for the garden in a few months.

OH! SG is having an event… check it out! Looks like all kinds of fun…

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