Sweet dogs, get the fu*k out of my way!

I bet National Geographic photogs think they really have it rough. Taking dramatics pictures of lions stalking their prey in South Africa. Stealing gorgeous underwater images of penguins ascending in the ocean of Antarctica. Or capturing exotic photographs of the everyday life of nomads in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I have three simple letters for them: BFD. 

Readers, blog photography isn’t the piece of cake it looks like it is! (Although, maybe it would be a bit easier with a piece of cake… like delicious lemon cake, or even a cupcake. I would take pound cake for that matter.) 

To prove my waste of time theory, here is a photo-log of my trials and tribulations of trying to take just one picture of the darling pansy growing through a crack on my driveway. Alas, my mangy mutts got in the way. Foiling my efforts yet again! Until the last picture, when they left, but it still came out blurry and I decided to quit being a pansy paparazzi. You won this round Nat Geo assholes!

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