Bug Cacophony

Yesterday in the early evening, I drove down to my farm to unload some flats of tomatoes and lavender I bought from the nursery. I normally wouldn’t drive all the way down to the farm to just unload a couple flats, but it was the tail end of a shit-tastic week and driving south tends to help my mood, in the event I’m feeling less than great. I slowed my truck on the driveway, which made that fabulous crunching sound, which for some reason reminds me of Fall no matter what time of year it actually is. I pulled the flat of Lavender out of the back of my truck, and placed it at the end of the newly mowed planting strip. The field had been cover cropped in early Fall, and now was a bona fide meadow, just under knee high with favas, mustard, thistle and little wisps of grass leaves. I walked through the field and surveyed how everything was doing; herbs like lavender, thyme, sage and rosemary were thriving in their little mulched beds. The ground was hissing with a beautiful cacophony of bugs moving from mowed section to meadow, probably somewhat displaced but happy to be soaking in the last bit of sun for the day. I walked back down the driveway, and thought about getting in my truck to drive home. Instead, I thought it best to nap on the driveway, next to the field. The flat of thyme I forgot to plant the day before made a wonderful pillow for the next hour.

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