Another literary accomplishment…



Just another day designing gardens, planting in the mud, and becoming even more famous yet again in this month’s People Style Watch magazine. Sometimes it’s hard being really, really famous – but most of the time I try to remember how my fame is used for good, and my literary accomplishments continue to mount (literary accomplishments being the three sentence interview they printed about me ranting about terrariums – the last sentence being misquoted and I’m pretty sure grammatically incorrect)(Needless to say, run to the newsstands!).

But as long as we are on the subject… here are a few of my favorite links for all things Terrarium. Including a short video of the latest addition to my botanical family.

Vessels –


candle holder = potential air plant hermitage

simple glass vial for moss keeping


What to grow –

air plants

another for good measure

pitcher plants

or of course, Rob


Etc. –

entire terrarium


garden apothecary In the Garden Vogue Japan

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