The Hook Up

This beauty is a Gunnera that Rob (the famous Pitch Plant guy) gave me.


Let me begin, from the beginning… Rob had dug up a giant cluster of gunner he had growing rampant in his garden, and asked if I wanted some. He reminded me of how giant they get and told me he had a bunch of them. I enthusiastically said Yes! I wanted them all. I am a glutton for plants, and even though my garden is tiny – between my vast driveway, little farm, and endless plant friends – I figured they would find a home. So Rob drove them to my house (encased in garbage bags, seat-belted in the back seat of his car – that looked eerily reminiscent of dead bodies) last Sunday and I now have a family of gunnera.

I planted two in my back garden, to (hopefully, one day) achieve the hermitage I’ve always wanted, in and amongst giant plant foliage. But one cluster is going into a giant pot in a really bright room I have upstairs in my house. I understand no one in history has attempted to plant gunnera inside of their house in a pot – but I will, and it will prove to be fabulous. I’ll keep you posted.

(Thanks again for the hook up, Rob!)

Here’s Sprout, pouting because I’m forcing her to take a picture next to the gunnera. She’s such a little bitch sometimes.

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