A ripple effect in the rain…


So, I fully accept that I’m a total curmudgeon when it comes to really fucking lame emails sent by bored people in their cubicles email chains.

You know the ones where “Jesus loves you” and “Buddha blesses you” and “the Universe is filled with light” and “…this cute puppy won’t die!!” – – – but ONLY if you send this to 69,000 other people! And some well meaning “friend” forwards this to you in hopes that it cheers you up/in hopes the curse doesn’t start with their click.

Needless to say, I’m not down with those emails. Like. Ever.


Here’s one that seems pretty cool… check out www.womansearthalliance.org for the only email chain that would actually be cool to give or receive. A simple donation is made on behalf of whomever you’d like, and goes to a really fabulous cause. I encourage you to spend a little time viewing their wonderful website and get familiar with this org., as they are doing some amazing work.

This is an organization (and am email sent) that you can actually be proud of.

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