Pumpkin Weigh Off

This morning was the HMB Pumpkin Weigh off, located (idyllically) down the street from me. The guys and I had a big day of sheet rocking and electrical work to do at the house, but they got ditched around 8:30am by me (what else is new), pretty much running down the street to see the weigh off.

Isn’t this just the type of thing you do on monday morning?

It was the perfect Fall, HMB day for a good old fashioned weigh off. The sun was starting to shine through the fog, the crows were in full force bombing people with walnuts (see last post) and old ladies were in their very best pumpkin sweaters with matching tacky socks. It was awesome. Here are some pic’s: 

Insanely huge pumpkin 

Farmer John with one of his beauties…

HMB paparazzi 

Giant pumpkin, still on life support! 

Going to be weighed…

It was pretty amazing to see them schlep the pumpkins from the trucks to the stage (yes, the pumpkins go on a stage for weighing. There are pumpkin fans and all! I personally am advocating for a spin off show entitled, “Pumpkins & Tiaras”.) with the forklift… all the while the farmer’s looking like their babies had been snatched! 

Want giants of your own?

All very pumpkin-y, very Half Moon Bay.

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