I heart echeveria (Take #72)

Yum. I love echeveria. So yummy.

The one above I’ve showed you all a few times, but just recently Dustin showed me the new babies he found on it, while pulling off the spent leaves. I was so thrilled to see it has finally started to reproduce, since I’ve had this plant for about 5 years! It was a gift from Robin (who owns Succulent Gardens… the best place to buy succulents ever! And if you shop somewhere else for succulents, chances are Robin grew them) back in the day, and I’ve cherished it ever since. It’s a rare type of echeveria that can get about 6′ by 6′ in diameter. Nuts, right?


It’s planted next to a fabulous sedum, penstemon and another plant I forget. You can see the little babes just starting to form. I love the coloring, too. The “bark” on the thick stem is a wonderful coral in the sun, and the leaves a gorgeous cooling blue that turn reddish once it starts getting to be scarf & glove weather. Echeveria’s generally propagate very easily but cuttings or plugs of any size. Little water or care is needed and they love ample sun. They don’t mind a little organic all-purpose fertilizer either, especially if in containers.

Is this sounding like too much like those other garden blogs that actually give you boring gardening info you already know?

Ok. Let’s try this:

OMG! How cute is this moth? How much cuter are my nails?

OPI’s “Under my trench coat” and “Only gold for me”. They gray base coat shows how dark and mysterious I am, and the gold flake top coat screams, “Bartender where’s my bourbon!!?”.

Ehh, it’s friday night this is the best I can do.

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