Garden Mash-up: Amelie

How much do you love this movie!?

If you haven’t seen Amelie yet – go, now and rent it, or netflix it, or watch it online! It’s an adorable, juicy and quirky foreign film about a eccentric young woman stumbling in love. The film was mildly attacked for it’s “idyllic vision of a post-card French society” thus being too unreal. But watch and judge for yourself. I’m sure you’ll want to jump into that post card as I do.

As for the garden, here’s what I see:

Her obsession with sinking her fingers into dry goods is a tangible quirk I think everyone has. How yummy does it feel to dive into a bag of cool lentils? The ‘Sugar Snap’ pea pays homage to that.

I love the scene of her soaking the love letter in tea water and hanging to dry… then the shot of her by the potted herb window sill in the evening. We should all be so lucky to have a Parisian potted garden… I’m guessing she’s growing basil, tarragon, rosemary and chives. Her little terra cotta pots perched perfectly in a row. I’m in love with the over use of red in the film. Maroon. Chinese red. Brick red. Fire red. I think annie’s annuals, Helenium autumnale ‘Red Shades’ is something she would grow… along with some corn flowers (poppies), borage for her blue pillow and a chocolate sunflower for the polka dots on her fabulously textured wallpaper.

Want a garden gnome of your own?

OMG! Lest I forget the porn shop her hot like fire man works in! For those scenes with dildos… :

Echium, the phallic shrub, native to my neck of the woods.

Best line in the movie (says Jenn) – Amélie Poulain: “At least you’ll never be a vegetable – even artichokes have hearts.”

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