CoCo Madness

The day started out as any other day, in any other garden, in any other town.

I put my shit kickers on (see below) before work, since I knew I’d be working at a house that has a lawn that looks like shit in desperate need of aerating. The boots are the perfect blend of cuteness/function, as they inevitably sink into the grass. When I walked through my garden, to get to my truck, to get to said shitty lawn – I stopped short, noticing the fabulous Chocolate Cosmos in full bloom. I love Chocolate Cosmos, not just because they grow easily and make for interesting color in the garden – but because they truly smell like chocolate! Any thing that has no calories but gives you the same satisfaction as eating a pint of chocolate gelado – is huge in my book.

Above – previously noted shit kickers.

After work, the day ended on a bit of a somber note. I couldn’t get the thought of chocolate chip cookies out of my head, since smelling those cosmos earlier in the morning – so I thought it prudent to make a batch of cookies. As you can see, I was impatient and didn’t let the butter do it’s buttery-thing properly, so they were ruined. I walked away disillusioned, crest-fallen and a little resentful of the cosmos.

Chocolate cosmos planter BEWARE!

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