SATC 2… ehhh, better than poison oak, not better than a truck load of salvia.

So. Ok. I’ve been there.

The cult-like agenda of having “the gurls” over to watch Sex and the City every time either :

A. an episode aired

B. someone got dumped by their rat-bastard boyfriend

C. someone was about to dump their rat-bastard boyfriend

So, of course I went to see the movie!

But I was a tad hesitant to go in the first place, since I has just finished a long day of salvia planting and wasn’t feeling my most glamorous, complete with dirt stained hands and arms. I had a bit of time to shop for my garden the day before, and decided the salvias were too good to pass up. So I loaded them in my already packed-with-plants truck and headed for home. I gardened just up until dinner and realized I needed to actually shower in order to be seen in public. Upon that realization, I was downtrodden, knowing what a feat it would be in my garden obsessed state..  But I went to the movie anyway and, in fact,  was momentarily entertained… right up until they started in with the menopausal jokes and whore-endous karaoke jam. It just wasn’t my cup of champagne tea.

Ahhh, but there were:

These sweet ass Mykita & Bernhard gold aviator sunglasses! Ohhhhwee!

I’d garden in these. In fact… I will garden in these.

And hopefully by the time the salvias need dead-heading.

Stay Tuned!

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