BFF with Honey Bees!

It’s been long standing that I am besties with honey bees. This is unlike my sister some people who freak the fuck out when ever honey bees buzz around. So, in an effort to over come any fear you may have with our flying farmers, here are a few tips on how to help save the bees:

1. Don’t freak the fuck out Embrace the Bees!

Bees truly don’t want to bother you, in fact, they don’t even want to be around you! If encountered by a bee, let it do it’s thing and they will fly away.

2. Plant More Flowers!

Well, duh! That’s an easy one! But really… if you have an unruly part of your garden that you have no clue what to do with, broadcast some wildflower seeds for the bees.

3. Leave More Flowers…

It’s hard for me not to dead-head right away, but it really does help to let your flowers fully bloom out before cutting them off. That way the bees get a few more days of pollen… which can lead to pounds and pounds of extra honey.

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