Forward Foliage

This could quite possibly be the most gorgeous cabbage in the world. I found her growing in my client, Janet’s garden, and fell in love immediately. It’s hard when you fall in love with things that are not people, since most of the time, you are the one having to pay for all the drinks and dinners. Sigh.

And now, for a little oriental poppy for your viewing pleasure!

This little gem sprouted up in an overly full pot of lineria and some how managed to grow into a huge, thorny, orange poppy. Not really my cup of tea, but pretty nonetheless. …Though the foliage was amazing.

Clipped to perfection! Loving this boxwood among the wild poppies, lavender and nepeta growing at Nancy’s house. There are few plants there that get really groomed, this boxwood being one of them. The juxtaposition between the few boxwood topiary’s and the messy, almost over blooming flowers that sprawl all over the landscape are fabulous.

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