Earth Victory Day

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Earth Day, Halloween and Valentine’s Day are my favorite holidays. Well, those and any holiday that includes giving me lots of gifts, too. But today is Earth Day, and it’s cause for celebration! This month, I’ve noticed an out pour of interest in Victory gardens, from my client’s, friends, neighbors and even my sister – wanting to get a veggie garden going for the little sprout in her growing belly. I’m not sure if it’s this weather, the rise in vegetable prices or the fact that veggie gardening is in, but it seems to be the buzz right now. It’s so exciting to hear people not only interested in growing vegetables but actually going through the steps to learn how to do it.

During WW1 and WW2 the US Government initiated Victory Gardens as a way to provide for your family and help the war effort. Luckily, I have some of the relics from that era, a war ration book that was my grandmother’s and a Burgess garden catelogue from 1944. These are a few of my little treasures that show me of how intrinsic gardening is to our lives as a nation. Both relics are fabulous and full of American history, with simply wonderful phrases like, “If you don’t need it, DON’T BUY IT”.

I take them out from time to time and always find myself feeling nostalgic for a era I never experienced. Just something about simple, basic gardening, growing food for your family, and enjoying making a small difference – from the ground up. This to me is a wonderful reminder of how important Victory gardening is, and how we have the earth to thank.

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