What’s Going On

I’ve been feeling like there is too much going on in the garden right now to pick one thing to post. The veggies in my planter box are all sprouting and looking fabulous, albeit a bit smushed together. My propagated plants are very happy, especially now that the rain has subsided and they can breath a little more. The succulents in particular were getting stifled from the constant rain. My wildflower seeds in pots are all up; Cal. poppy, borage, lupine, sweet peas, etc. And my little fruit trees are showing signs of being very happy. The fig is in fruit and the dwarf peach is all done flowering, which I pretty sure the bees hit this early Spring.

Here are some other things going on in the garden:

Sprout, Queen of the deck garden.

I love this type of columbine. It’s planted in a medium terra cotta pot, with plenty of peat moss mixed in the planting soil. I love the fluted royal purple petals it puts out. Very simple and understated. Below is a little greenhouse I made years ago, housing some holy basil and italian basil.

Fabulous Carnivorous Flower


I cut back all the foliage on the carnivorous plants Dustin gave me, replanted them in peat and have been watering lots. This blossom blasted up quickly and have been a gorgeous little spot of yellow amongst the terra cotta on my deck. Next to it, a lovely little snail setting up shop on my kniphofia flower, next to the sweet peas. 

I love this verbascum. I bought it at Annie’s Annuals and have had it in this pot for a year. It’s located right by my front door and beckons to be petted when ever I rush in and out during the day.

Lastly, the verbena and sweet pea intertwined. They are both in a fairly small terra cotta pot on the steps, but seem to be very happy. You brush by them every time you go up or down the stairs.

bees In the Garden

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