Spring Equinox Blessing

Happy Spring Solstice!

Happy Spring everyone!

May you and your gardens be blessed this year with health, love and abundance! Have a fabulous Spring Equinox!

The Vernal Equinox occurs the day, nearest March 21, when night and day are nearly the same length and corresponds to the center of the Sun crossing the celestial equator moving northward. The Vernal Equinox marks the first day of the season of Spring in the northern hemisphere.

The right ascension at the Vernal Equinox originally was in the constellation Aries and the point of crossing was known as the first point in Aries (now it is actually in Pisces because of precession).

The time is one of balance between night and day, light and dark. It is also a time to consider what goals or wishes you would like to achieve or have happen over the next year.

This ritual assists in the balancing and/or manifesting of it all; achieving those new or uncompleted goals, wishes and desires; a time for all that is new and possible….a time to break the last of the chains that has stopped or hindered your own growth. Thus it is a time to consider what goals or wishes you would like to achieve or what you may want to have happen over the next year; a true celebration of rebirthing your life and nature itself.

And of course in the US (and many other countries) we feel this time of the year when one catches “Spring Fever”. It is the time after Winter when flowers bloom, trees and bushes grow their new leaves and many begin bearing their fruit; It is when Spring Fever catches hold of us. We know love is in the air calling us to listen and follow it with our hearts. Thus this ritual is also excellent for love relationships; to renew, rekindle or begin a love. After all, it’s Springtime and love is in the air…love for others or oneself.

In the Garden

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