Veggie Appetence

I’ve been dying to plant vegetables the past few months. But with the weather just getting nice and my little farm (pic.’s to come!) still a bit too soggy, I’ve held off. I cover cropped fava beans, peas, and alfalfa, as well as spread about a pound of wildflower seed there… but this barely satiated my appetite to truly – VEG!

Soooooo, I decided to build (and when I say “I” I clearly mean Dustin) a little veggie box of my own, just to tide me over.


4, 2×12’s cut to 6′

4, 2×12’s cut to 4′

4, 4×4’s cut to 27″


Douglas Fir (I did not use Redwood or Trex since this will probably go to the farm after the season and I did not want to spend a million dollars. Read: Impulse purchase.)

18 p nails

Tattooed man to do the work.

The end result was a beautiful little box just for me!

In the Garden

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