Treasures from Wine Country…

You really can’t go wrong with getting anything from Artifact Design & Salvage, out of Sonoma. And I’m really not just saying this to plug anyone – it’s just true. Every time I go shopping for one of my client’s while accidentally getting drunk/wine tasting in Sonoma, to find that perfect something for the garden – this is one of the meccas I travel to.

For instance, where else can you find a bunch of over sized clock/wheel thingies?

I can imagine these installed on a huge fence or to cover a boring retaining wall… nothing growing on them, but maybe a great  hedge line planted on either side?

Now mind you, everything looks a whole lot cooler when you have had a few glasses of wine in you, but either way I suggest going.

This is something you could post on your neighbors fence when they forget to weed! Although I haven’t mowed my lawn since 1942 so who am I kidding.

In the Garden

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