WTF?! (Rant)

Cruising through craigslist is always a good time. Where else can you find a great antique velvet chair, a bunch of free organic tomatoes, a puppy!, and a boyfriend (so I’ve heard, so I’ve heard) in one convenient place? Other than a flea market in Florence!

But today, whilst searching for that leather club chair I need so badly, I stumbled over to the farm & garden section and found this piece of work!

Ok, try to read this nonsense:

“Yes i trap,poisin help kill
gophers[thomysedies] moles also,they become earthly active soon,now as ground is soft dont send mounds,but compress earth ,and they never leave a entrance for snakes,ever,have to get [QUEEN]as males are subordinates,and juvenile females,at first sign of tunnels,is time,ive had gophers dig 30 ft.for a plant,not any more,i do this cheaply,and i get them,So no planting is protected,but plant some tomatoes and see,radishes?i do not have to get big money as i like eliminating the issue[gophers],and i take the bodys,ive caught many,even QUEENS,Males are workers,only lead male [strongest] is allowed to breed[queen]”

**Now, I don’t take issue with killing gophers. I do feel bad since they are just trying to eat, and I don’t EVER recommend, suggest or pretend it’s ok to poison them – but if you want to trap your gopher that’s decimating the garden, go for it. But can’t we try to keep some dignity for those poor little bastards? I mean – this person clearly can’t formulate a cohesive sentence… and when people use CAPS in their posts (ok, I did it once above) it’s them YELLING AT YOU, and personally, I don’t like to be yelled at.

Gardener’s: if you want more info on getting rid of your gophers (somewhat) humanly, check the links in this sentence.

In the Garden

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