Gardener’s Challenge #1

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I have a challenge for the gardener’s out there:


Gardener’s Challenge


Send me one of your greatest garden stories ever!

Like, the story you tell your family over and over because it’s so ridiculous. The story you think back to and wonder… why the hell do I garden in the first place?! For example:

“One of the first times I was hired to create a garden for a client I was 18 and thrilled with the thought of building a fabulous flower garden (which was really just weeding a 100 sq. foot area and tossing in a couple plants… to me – a huge job!) . Candace was my client’s name and she said she wanted tons of flowers! “Tons!!“, she reiterated. So, knowing that flowers needed lots of nutrients to bloom – I bought two yards of chicken manure and spread it throughout, roughly, 100 square feet. I realized it smelled funny but just thought more was better and I should apply it in ample amounts anyway. Then I planted an array of roses and salvias – one of the salvias (and when I say one I mean I planted ten!) was salvia uglinosa.

Once I was finished spreading the manure, planting and watering, I stepped back and took in the newly planted masterpiece I created. My client was very pleased and I went on my way. Then next day (literally) I got a call saying everything was dead. I was sure Candace was over reacting and drove there as fast as I could. But, as she said – everything was dead. The roses were burned beyond repair and the salvias looked as if someone took a torch to them in the middle of the night… oh, and I stained her driveway with the chicken manure delivery.

I had to pay to buy new plants, different compost, and do all the work for free to take away the old manure and replant everything again. After all that was done, a month later I drove buy to see everything happy again… including the salvia uglinosa! That stupid salvia was coming up everywhere like a weed! (Salvia uglinosa is on many states invasive plant list.. beware!)

Candace is still my client (ten years later) and we laugh about it to this day… she still has salvia growing in her front yard and I have never used chicken manure since. “

The winner of this challenge gets their choice of a one gallon succulent or strawberry (already setting fruit!) AND one rose scented sugar scrub!

The winner’s story will be posted the week the contest is over, with link to their blog. Prizes will be send right away, with official certificate that your story rocked!

Contest to start: NOW

Contest to end: March 5th

Send stories to:

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