Ahhh yeaaaah! SF F&G Show!

If Laura hadn’t reminded me I would have almost forgot to grab my ticket to the SF Flower & Garden Show early… having to bum a ticket at the door like I did last year. I’m usually one of those dorks that loves to get tickets early, print out directions early, schedule things… and so on. If I don’t control plan ahead of time, I get itchy. So luckily, I’m ahead of the game this year. (Thanks Laura!!!!!!!)

I absolutely love the flower and garden show (who doesn’t? It’s flowers and garden stuff!)…. but I do take a little issue with pictures of people gardening – when they are not dirty! It’s like, seriously? Who are you fooling. I mean it’s one thing to accidentally fall asleep in a mushroom patch wearing jewels, but it is quite another to be at a potting bench not covered in soil. Plus – that child should probably be whining about not being able to go inside and watch Barney or something, rather than perfectly posing… right? (Do kids still watch Barney?)

Beyond that – the SF Flower & Garden is fantastic and I’m going (Carla, you’re coming with… and buying me a corn dog or something.) Afterwards, be sure to tune back in about my findings….

For more info about how you can get your sweet buns to the show, go to….


In the Garden

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