I’m not a huge dianthus fan… but this one is really adorable, with tiny magenta flowers. It’s been in a fabulous little terra cotta pot on my deck… until the dogs burst out the door (which they do every time it’s time for “Let’s go potty!”) and bashed it over like a couple of filthy heathens. I have a slight suspicion that the little one, Patootie, purposefully did it out of some sort of sick revenge since I lost her favorite toy the other week. In any event, the pots broken and I finally got around to repotting it. In doing so I found that I should have repotted it… Ummm, like, months ago!

Here’s the raw footage!

Check out those crazy roots… it was spongy and completely porous.

Ohwwwweee! Sorry dianthus, now your in a five gallon, happy as a clam!

In the Garden

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