Smellin’ the jasmine


Smellin’ the jasmine that finally started to bloom on my fence. I guess I shouldn’t say, finally – since  it’s been through hell. Last year my landlord decided it was time to paint the fence, thus ripping it off said fence and while that was going on my dogs took full advantage of using it as some sort of pull toy. Once the painting was completed I sewed it back onto the fence and now it’s blooming. First Jasmine, next the huge Wisteria.

I recently learned that Jasmine is one of the most elusive scents in the fragrance world. You can find something called Jasmine almost anywhere, disguised as a perfume. But the true scent of Jasmine is rarely used. Something to do with the amount of chemicals naturally found in the flower – and when that is extracted and reproduced, the top note is usually lost.

In the Garden

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